House Speaker Brian Egolf Denounces ‘Veiled Threats’ By New Mexico Counties President Steve Boyle

A photo of the email released by the Speaker’s office. Courtesy Office of the Speaker


Today, following the discovery of an email issuing a veiled threat of physical violence sent by New Mexico Counties President Steve Boyle, Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) has issued the following statement: 

The use of veiled threats by the President of New Mexico Counties is unacceptable. These threats echo the violent rhetoric and incitement of violence that has invaded public discourse nationwide. This and other fear tactics by the counties to foment opposition towards the New Mexico Civil Rights Act amount to nothing less than bullying and intimidation. I call on New Mexico Counties President Steve Boyle to retract these dangerous words and tone down the rhetoric, and for the board and staff of New Mexico Counties to take appropriate action. Debate over ideas is welcome, but these words cross the line and have a chilling effect on honest debate about how best our state should provide justice to people whose civil rights have been violated.” 

In the email, NMC President Steve Boyle attacked Speaker Egolf stating, “If I had a list, he would be on it.”