Survey Shows 90 Percent Of County Employees Feel County Is A Good Employer


Los Alamos County Council will review and discuss results of The National Employee Survey™ for County employees Tuesday evening during their regular virtual session. The survey results provide the opinions of employees regarding their satisfaction on the job and other key characteristics of a quality work environment including: communication, organizational ethics, employee fit, wages and benefits, the physical work space, supervisory relationships, the job feedback system, professional development and self-reported performance. The last survey was conducted 10 years ago and the County plans to conduct a similar survey every two years going forward.

Extensive details of the survey results may be viewed at:

Highlights of the survey report indicate that overall, a majority of employees provided favorable ratings for almost all of the +100 items assessed on the survey. Almost all employees would recommend working for the County and 9 in 10 felt the County was a good employer.

Surprisingly, only 40 percent of the County’s 677 employees responded to the survey which was conducted between October 26 and November 13, 2020.