Thanks For The Vaccine!


I wanted to thank everyone involved in Monday’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the high school gym here in Los Alamos. Everything was extremely well organized, and the process was exceptionally smooth. No one was waiting outside the gym when I arrived or when I left. New Mexico Department of Health people checked me in, and people directed me where to go at every step. Within a couple of minutes of arriving, I was at a vaccination station where a retired RN from Los Alamos gave me the actual shot. I am sorry I do not remember her name, but I still want to thank her for looking after me so well and helping our community in a very important way. Also, she is one of those experienced medical people who is a wizard with a needle. I barely felt the shot at all and did not even need a bandaid. Thank you all for your wonderful service to our community and state. With great people like the those I met making vaccinations happen, we will soon kick this virus out the door I am sure!

JE Nordholt