County Provides Written Update On COVID-19 Vaccinations


Los Alamos County Emergency Manager Beverley Simpson presented the first written report to County Council members at their Tuesday evening virtual meeting on the current situation with vaccinations for County residents. Some 10,980 individuals have registered on the Department of Health website from Los Alamos County

The following are the numbers as presented:

Phase 1A (Healthcare Workers, First Responders, congregate setting workers), 541 registered, 99 remaining

Phase 1B (75+): 1,245 registered, 202 remaining

Phase 1B2 (16-74 at risk of COVID Complications): 4,283 registered, 4243 remaining

Phase 1B3 (Frontline Essential workers unable to  work remotely); 1,860 registered (no vaccination data received)

Phase 1 C (Adults 60+): 1,546 registered (no vaccination data received)

Phase 2 (members of the general public): 1,595 registered (no vaccination data received)

NMSIIS reported Vaccinations (**Not all vaccinations have been captured in NMSIIS, DOH and NMSIIS are not interfaced at this time, state is working on it):

LAMC has performed 480 vaccinations

LANL has performed 707 vaccinations

NAMBE drugs (Los Alamos) has performed 1,338

Recent vaccination events were noted as follows:

12/19/2020WRFS 386DOH/County12/19/202086
1/2/2021WRFS 3119DOH/County1/2/2021205
1/11/2021Duane Smith Auditorium211DOH/County1/11/2021416
1/18/2021Griffith Gym806DOH/County1/18/20211222
1/27/2021Duane Smith Auditorium89DOH/County1/27/20211311
1/30/2021Senior Center300NAMBE/Senior Center1/30/20211611
1/31/2021Senior Center300NAMBE/Senior Center1/31/20211911
2/1/2021Duane Smith Auditorium186DOH/County2/1/20212097
2/8/2021Griffith Gym406DOH/County2/8/20212503
2/10/2021Griffith Gym400DOH/County2/10/20212903
2/14/2021Griffith Gym420Nambe/County2/14/20213323
2/22/2021Griffith Gym310DOH/County2/22/20213633

Simpson noted that a vaccination clinic has been set up for Friday, Feb. 26 through Nambe Drugs.

“They have requested 600 doses so we are hoping to close out Phase 1A and IB,” she said. “There have been additional people registering in each of those phases so our numbers have been changing. Those 99 remaining in 1A – we thought they would be taken care of yesterday but we have had more people register. The state has reported that that is because after they watch what’s been happening with other individuals it makes it more likely that people will receive the vaccination,” Simpson said.

She said 3,633 doses have been completed in Los Alamos County which does not include doses administered by Los Alamos Medical Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Nambe Drugs. She said that is included in the overall picture from the Department of Health but not what she is able to track at this point.

On the applications from entities wishing to become vaccine providers, Simpson said. She pointed out that she had previously referred to Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry as having applied to be a provider, but that the applicant was High Mesa Dental.

Simpson said Smith’s Pharmacy anticipates beginning vaccination in the next two weeks and they’re part of the national pharmaceutical program. Nambe Drugs is the go-to person right now for everything in the County outside of the Department of Health, she said.

Simpson indicated that there is an upcoming vaccination event with 600 anticipated vaccinations Friday, Feb. 26.

“It might be a little bit less due to the fact that vaccinations are a little slow in getting to New Mexico due to the weather and that’s across the nation. It will be between 500 and 600 vaccinations. Those will all be new vaccinations and Saturday and Sunday we’re looking at the booster event for the senior centers through (the Department) of Aging & Long-Term Disability. The next follow-up booster clinic will be March 14. I anticipate there’ll be another one in between but I don’t have any information from the DOH at this point,” she said.