Annual Civil War Encampment At Pecos National Historical Park Will Take Place Virtually Mar. 22-26

Pecos National Historical Park’s annual Civil War Encampment will be held virtually Mar. 22-26. Photo Courtesy NPS


The annual Civil War Encampment at Pecos National Historical Park will take place virtually this year! From Monday, Mar. 22 to Friday, Mar. 26, the park will co-host online educational programs and discussions. From Glorieta to Gettysburg and everything in between, this is an event for the whole family! Join us from the comfort of your home as we discuss the lives of African American soldiers, Civil War era medicine, the environmental impact of the war and more! Most virtual events require registration. See below for more details. 

Schedule of Events:  

Monday, March 22  

7:00 p.m. MT 

The Illinois 29th United States Infantry Colored Troops in the Rio Grande Valley 

Join Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park Education and Community Engagement Coordinator Jorge Hernández live on Zoom for the screening of the new short film: The Illinois 29th United States Colored Troops in the Rio Grande Valley. Following the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, African American soldiers of the Illinois 29th USCT continued their military service in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. There the fight for freedom and equality took on a different meaning and experience. Ranger Hernández will introduce the video and host a live question and answer session afterward. Research for this film was funded by a grant from the National Park Foundation. Hosted by the Friends of the Pecos National Historical Park. Registration required; see registration information below. 

Tuesday, March 23 

7:00 p.m. MT                                                          

Civil War Medicine  

Join Fort Scott National Historic Site Park Ranger Barak Geertsen for an interactive Zoom program about Civil War medicine. Participants will learn how Fort Scott provided care to the sick and wounded, discover aspects of medical treatments of the time and compare them to modern methods, and discover how many medical items at the time were used in diagnosing and curing illness. Hosted by the Friends of the Pecos National Historical Park.  Registration required; see registration information below. 

Wednesday, March 24 

7:00 p.m. MT 

“Free Land for Free Men”: The Civil War and the Homestead Act of 1862 

Homestead National Historical Park’s historian Jonathan Fairchild will explore the interconnected story of the Homestead Act of 1862 and the Civil War via a live Zoom program. He will share the events and legislation that led up to both the Civil War and the passage of the Homestead Act, which granted 270 million acres of free land in 30 states across the country. The program will also examine the impact and legacy of that law on Civil War veterans. Hosted by the Friends of the Pecos National Historical Park. Registration required; see registration information below. 

Thursday, March 25 

7:00 p.m. MT                                          

Snow, Sheep, and the Santa Fe Trail: The Environmental History of the Battle of Glorieta Pass 

History isn’t made by humans alone. New Mexico’s unique flora, fauna, climate, and geography played a decisive role in the Battle of Glorieta Pass, one of the westernmost contests of the American Civil War. The battle took place in 1862 along the Santa Fe Trail, a crucial agent of environmental change, which funneled soldiers, settlers, livestock, and trade caravans into the Pecos Valley. Join National Trails historian Guy McClellan for this Zoom program as he unpacks some of the non-human forces at work during “the Gettysburg of the West.”  Hosted by the Friends of Pecos National Historical Park. Registration required; see registration information below. 

Friday, March 26 

7:00 p.m. MT 

“The Gettysburg of the West?” 

Tune in as Gettysburg National Military Park’s Chief of Interpretation Christopher Gwinn and Pecos National Historical Park volunteer Dr. Claudia Floyd engage in a friendly debate over whether the Battle of Glorieta Pass was truly the “Gettysburg of the West”. Hosted by the Gettysburg Foundation. Link to the program will be available on and registration required. 

To register for programs hosted by the Friends of the Pecos NHP, please e-mail with your name, phone number and the topics of the lectures for which you would like to register. Registration must be received no later than noon the day of the event. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to join the presentation. We have a limited number of available slots, so please register early. If you have any questions, please call 505-757-7272. 

Many thanks to park partners, including the Friends of the Pecos National Historical Park and the Gettysburg Foundation for hosting these educational events.For more information about the park in general, contact Pecos NHP at (505) 757-7241 or visit our website at You will also find our listings on the New Mexico True website ( and Tourism Santa Fe ( Please like on us on Facebook at or follow us on Instagram (