Rapid Response COVID-19 Watchlist, Other Rapid Response Data Now Posted In Spanish, Vietnamese


In an effort to provide important public health data to more New Mexicans, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is now posting its Rapid Response COVID-19 Watchlist and other rapid response data online in the Spanish and Vietnamese languages.

By visiting www.env.nm.gov/rapid-response-data/, the public can view the Watchlist, which includes establishments that have had two or more rapid responses in the last 14 days; establishments that have been mandated to temporarily close by the state after having four or more rapid responses in the last 14 days; and other data collected and maintained by the Environment Department.

“New Mexicans that speak Spanish and Vietnamese now have equal access to our rapid response data,” said NMED Cabinet Secretary James Kenney. “We want to empower every New Mexican with the tools to make more informed decisions using our public health and environmental data.”

The Watchlist and other rapid response data also assists NMED’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau and other state and local regulatory agencies in evaluating whether organizations are complying with state public health orders and COVID-Safe Practices.