LAHS Student Kira Lorenc Creates Black History Month WebQuest

LAHS Junior Kira Lorenc/Courtesy photo


In honor of Black History Month, Los Alamos High School Junior Kira Lorenc created a Black History Month WebQuest which is posted on the Topper Library website. Lorenc is a student assistant in the library this semester.

“Kira has curated reliable websites for exploring topics such as the foundations of Black History Month, significant Black figures and their contributions, noteworthy historical events, music, and current events,” said Topper librarian Shannon Seitz. “She has done an outstanding job representing our library this school year.”

“Although not the shelving and project work that I was expecting this year, being a student assistant in the library has allowed me to freely explore and learn about so many historical and current subjects and then share what I find with my fellow classmates,” said Lorenc. “Black History Month is something that is recognized around the country, but I wanted to make it more easily accessible to the school.”

Lorenc was recognized by the School Board during their meeting last week. “We applaud this student who has gone the extra mile this month to help out the rest of the school,” said School Board President Melanie Colgan.

More Black History Month resources are available on the Topper Library’s Connections page. For more information about the Topper Library, contact Seitz at