LAHS Rotary Interact Club Hosts Food Drive Feb. 24 To Benefit LA Cares

LAHS Rotary Interact items collected during a previous event to gather items for the needy. Photo Courtesy LAPS


The Los Alamos High School Rotary Interact Club is hosting a Food Drive on Wednesday, Feb. 24 to benefit LA Cares, an organization that provides help to the needy in Los Alamos County. Non-perishable food items may be dropped off in the Duane Smith Auditorium parking lot between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

In case of snow, items may be dropped off under the awning at the high school library.

Items that are in great demand include 64 oz. plastic bottles of grape or cranberry juice, baking supplies (no flour please), canned beans, canned chicken, canned corn, canned fruit cocktail or peaches, canned pasta sauce (no glass please), canned tuna, Chef Boyardee, chicken noodle soup, chunky or hearty soup, cold cereals (healthy & low sugar), kids’ juice boxes and healthy snacks, macaroni and cheese, oats or oatmeal, spaghetti and other pasta, 4 lb bags of sugar, and tuna or chicken helpers.

Also needed are bars of soap, diapers size 5 and 6, laundry detergent, deodorant, shampoo, and toilet paper.

Rice, flour, peanut butter, bottled water and toothpaste are not needed at this time.

The LAHS Interact Club hosted a successful donation drive for the homeless last November with the collected items being donated to Compassion for Action, a homeless center in Española. Club members were recently awarded the 2020 Spirit of the West Award for their service to the community.

Members of the LAHS Interact Club include Yunseo Kim, Elise Ovaska, Malia Hanawalt, Megan Crawford, Aleena Fullop, Philippa Fung, Taylor Kanzleiter, Caleb Langenbrunner, Anika Lovato, Thomas Oldham, Lindsey Thalmann and Isabella Thomas. Margo Batha and Lynn Ovaska are the club sponsors.