Rotarians Serve Up 230 Meals During 12th Annual Crab Fest Event

Los Alamos Police Department Cmdr, Oliver Morris, a Rotarian, right, and Cpl. David Boe, deliver Crab Fest meals Saturday evening to the staff at the Los Alamos Medical Center emergency room. Boe, Oliver and Kateri Morris delivered some 40 meals to LAMC, LAPD and Los Alamos Fire Department Station 4. Rotarians who volunteered for the event included Dan Castille, Jim O’Donnell, Laura Gonzales, Lesley Harelson, Skip and Linda King, Rob, Melissa, Lance and Lane Metcalf, Oliver and Kateri Morris, Laura Loy and Kaya Loy. Photo by Kateri Morris

Leslie Harelson, left, and Linda King, enjoy a toast as they prepare 230 Crab Fest meals for distribution Saturday at Cottonwood on the Greens. Photo by Kateri Morris

Cottonwood on the Greens co-owner Pawel Listwan, third from right, supervises volunteers packaging Crab Fest meals Saturday afternoon at the restaurant. Listwan and his wife, co-owner Dorota Listwan host the Rotary Club of Los Alamos weekly meetings at the restaurant. They cooked Saturday’s food and provided the facility for the Crab Fest meal preparation. Photo by Kateri Morris

Rotary president Laura Gonzales and Rotarian Kim O’Donnell chat at Cottonwood on the Greens where 230 Crab Fest meals were prepared and distributed Saturday afternoon. Photo by Kateri Morris

Cars line up in the Cottonwood on the Greens parking lot late Saturday afternoon to pick up their Crab Fest meals from Rotarian Jim O’Donnell. Photo by Kateri Morris

Los Alamos Police Department officers ready for Crab Fest meals delivered by Cpl. David Boe, second from left, and Cmdr. Oliver Morris, third from right, include Cpl. Natalee Trujillo, Cpl. Jaime Gonzales, Sgt. Ben Irving and Col. Brent Hudspeth. Photo by Kateri Morris

Los Alamos High School Rotary Interact volunteers for the Crab Fest event were Elise Ovaska, Malia Hanawalt, Tommy Oldham, Caleb Langenbrunner, Anika Lovato and Lindsey Thalmann. Photo by Kateri Morris