State Launches Toll-Free Hotline For Cancer Screening Services


The New Mexico Department of Health on Friday announced the launch of a new toll-free hotline number (1-833-525-1811) for breast and cervical cancer screening services and support. Managed by the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection (BCC) program, the hotline will provide direct assistance by connecting individuals to a health care clinic that provides BCC screening services. Services will be available in multiple languages including Diné, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, among others.  

The BCC program provides free breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services through healthcare providers across New Mexico.  

You may be eligible for services if you: 

  • Are low-income
  • Have little or no health insurance
  • Are a woman (including a transgender woman or man) 

For more information about breast and cervical cancer in New Mexico, please visit the NM BCC website: