Legislature: COVID Relief Bills Will Move Quickly Through House


The three COVID-relief bills recently passed by the Senate are scheduled to move quickly through the House with the aim of getting to the Governor’s desk in short order. 

Yesterday, they each received a single committee assignment from House Speaker Brian Egolf in order to ensure expedient review before they are brought to the House Floor for a vote.

“Providing relief for New Mexico’s struggling businesses and families is our number one reason for convening this session,” said Speaker of the House Brian Egolf. “These initiatives are time-sensitive and we want to move them out the door as quickly as possible. I assigned them a single committee hearing each so that we can bring them to the floor for final passage as fast as the system allows.”

The Senate bills are:

SB 1: Bolstering New Mexico’s economy by providing $600 rebates for workers making less than $15 per hour, as well as a four-month tax holiday for restaurants, breweries, food trucks, and other dining establishments.

SB 2: Providing relief to New Mexico’s restaurants and hospitality industry by waiving liquor license fees for the coming year.

SB3: Expanding last June’s Small Business Recovery and Stimulus Act so its $460 million in relief loans are more targeted and easily accessible for New Mexico’s hard-hit businesses. 

Yesterday, the House passed another major component of the Democratic relief package, House Bill 11. Sponsored by Speaker Brian Egolf (D – Santa Fe) and Rep. Christine Chandler (D – Los Alamos), HB 11 provides $200 million in grants to small and medium-sized businesses, up to $100,000 each.