Chandler And Ryti Meet With DOH Secretary To Discuss Los Alamos County Vaccination Numbers


Los Alamos County residents have expressed concern during the past few days about the low numbers of vaccinations recorded on the Department of Health’s online vaccine dashboard. On Wednesday morning, the percentage of Los Alamos County residents who have received vaccination doses had finally been corrected and was listed at 15.1 percent, up from the 5 percent noted, and the number of people vaccinated now sits at 2,835.

Rep. Christine Chandler and Los Alamos County Councilor Randall Ryti met with Sec. of Health Dr. Tracie Collins Tuesday afternoon to discuss vaccination numbers for the County. Ryti told the Los Alamos Reporter that he and Chandler addressed the low vaccination rate in Los Alamos County, especially in comparison to other counties.

“Secretary Collins said the state is committed to equity in vaccine distribution. She also mentioned that the data in the vaccine dashboard was being updated,” Ryti said.

He said one issue noted by Secretary Collins was that the initial allotment by DOH was mostly of shipments of doses directly to providers.

“She said that created an issue for many rural counties with no or limited providers. We did discuss adding providers in Los Alamos and that something I plan to pursue,” Ryti said.

He said the correction of the statistics on the DOH website is good news because everyone needs accurate information to make good decisions.

“DOH needs to be tracking these numbers so that they can appropriately allocate doses. From what I know about the number of vaccine clinics and the doses at each, the total doses in Los Alamos County looks to be correct. DOH has been emphasizing boosters this week, but more initial doses should be coming next week,” Ryti said.

He said through the Mayors’ Council meetings which he attends on behalf of Los Alamos County, he was aware that DOH was going to provide county-level data.

“I have been tracking the dashboard at least daily. I also get updates from Emergency Manager Beverley Simpson on planned clinics. I request meetings with COVID Council committee get their ideas and pass along information,” Ryti said. “I know that getting vaccines in arms is a main concern for many in the County. It is my main concern until we get vaccinations for everyone in the County who wants one”.