Presentation On COVID Vaccines And How They Work Offered To LAPS Staff


All LAPS staff are invited to a presentation on “COVID Vaccines and How They Work” on Wednesday, Feb. 10 starting at 3 p.m. Dr. Sandy Farmer of Pfizer Pharmaceutical will be the featured speaker. 

Staff will be sent the Zoom link prior to the presentation. 

Farmer’s presentation will focus on: 

• how immunity works 

• background on and evolution of vaccines 

• technology foundation for the top COVID vaccines 

• why now for such innovation in vaccines 

• how mRNA vaccines work and why is this such a powerful platform 

• brief background on Phase 3 vaccine clinical trials and how COVID-19 Phase 3 trials compare • understanding vaccine efficacy 

• broad comparison of the two mRNA vaccines 

• understanding the top COVID vaccines 

• key questions around COVID vaccines (the money side) 

• how this innovation surge will benefit the future 

Dr. Farmer was the executive director in Worldwide Research and Development at Pfizer from 2014 to  2019. Before joining Pfizer, he served as Global Head of the Scientific Information Management Expert  Center at Boehringer Ingelheim. His work has involved information technology and artificial intelligence  research and development. 

Farmer has been involved in drug discovery research for more than 20 years and co-authored more than  60 scientific articles. He has extensive international experience in integrating new computational and  experimental technologies to advance drug discovery. Farmer holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the  University of Kentucky, an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a BA in chemistry and German  from Duke University. He lives in Santa Fe.