County Council Boards, Commissions And Committees Liaisons Announced


If you are one of the people who think being a Los Alamos County Councilor is all about attending two Council meetings a month and making a lot of decisions, you may want to review the list of boards, commissions and committees they are involved in.

The appointment of Council liaison positions is the purview Council Chair Randy Ryti and individual councilors have had the opportunity to submit their preferences for assignment. At Tuesday evening’s Council meeting, Ryti released the list of assignments which are as follows:

County Personnel Board: David Izraelevitz
County Lodgers Tax Advisory Board: Sara Scott
Planning & Zoning Commission: Sara Scott
Community Development Advisory Board: Sara Scott
Historic Preservation Board: Denise Derkacs
Library Board: David Reagor
Parks & Recreation Board: Sean Williams
Art In Public Places Board: David Izraelevitz
Transportation Board: Denise Derkacs
Environmental Sustainability Board: Sean Williams
Department of Public Utilities Board: James Robinson
Los Alamos Health Council: David Reagor
Council Federal Legislation Committee: Sara Scott, Randy Ryti, James Robinson
Council Region and State Legislation Committee: Denise Derkacs, David Izraelevitz, Sean Williams
Audit Committee: Denise Derkacs, David Izraelevitz, Sara Scott
Rules Committee: James Robinson, David Reagor, Sean Williams
Boards & Commissions Workplan Review: Denise Derkacs, David Izraelevitz, David Reagor
Jail Inspection Team: Randall Ryti, James Robinson, David Reagor
Property Disposition (Land Use) Committee: Sara Scott, David Izraelevitz, Sean Williams
Utility Policy: James Robinson, Denise Derkacs, David Reagor
Energy Communities Alliance: David Izraelevitz (Treasurer), Randall Ryti (New Nuclear)
NM Municipal League: David Izraelevitz, Sean Williams (Alternate)
NM Association of Counties: Naomi Maestas (County Clerk)
Northern Area Local Workforce Development Board: Sean Williams, Denise Derkacs (Alternate)
Los Alamos JJAB: Sara Scott
Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation: Sara Scott
Los Alamos/Sarov Sister City: Sara Scott
MainStreet Future Committee: Denise Derkacs, David Izraelevitz, David Reagor
County/School Board Monthly Meeting: Randall Ryti, James Robinson, Revolving Councilor
North Central New Mexico Economic Development District: Sara Scott, Sean Williams
Self-Insurance Fund – Municipal League: Randall Ryti
North Central Regional Transportation District: Sean Williams, James Robinson (Alternate)
Regional Coalition of LANL Communities: David Izraelevitz, Randall Ryti (Alternate)
County Tourism Implementation Task Force: David Reagor, Sean Williams
Mirador Public Improvement District Board: James Robinson, Denise Derkacs, David Reagor
Rio Grande Water Fund: James Robinson
Technical Working Group On Legacy Waste: Randall Ryti
County COVID-19 Committee: Randall Ryti, James Robinson, Sara Scott

Councilors may be contacted by email as follows:

Chair Randall Ryti:
Vice Chair James Robinson:
David Izraelevitz:
Sara Scott:
Denise Derkacs;
David Reagor:
Sean Williams: