Los Alamos Happy Heart Hunt Kicks Off


Kick off the Great Kindness Week with the Los Alamos Happy Heart Hunt. There is no better time to
remember the importance of small acts of kindness and finding the positive moments. Make a Happy Heart and put it in your window for the Happy Heart Hunt! 

Cut out a heart of any size from any material (craft paper, cardboard, wrapping paper, newspaper, fabric, etc.). Decorate your heart with a positive message or just leave it blank, and then tape your heart to a street-facing window to show your love to all. Then, as you’re driving or walking around town, see if you can spot other Happy Hearts! Post your photos between Jan. 25 and Mar. 1.

To learn more about the Happy Heart Hunt and/or to post a picture of your Happy Heart, visit the website: https://sites.google.com/laschools.net/lahappyhearthunt?pli=1&authuser=1

Share photos on Instagram: tag @lahappyhearthunt and use the hashtag #lahappyhearthunt.