Lisa Danielson Named New Director For LANL Center For Space And Earth Science

Lisa Danielson has been named the new director for LANL’s Center for Space and Earth Science. Photo Courtesy LANL


Los Alamos National Laboratory has named Lisa Danielson the new director for the Center for Space and Earth Science. As one of six strategic centers within the National Security Education Center, CSES is a multi- and Interdisciplinary Center for Astrophysics, Near Space Environment, Planetary Science, Geophysics, Earth Systems and Climate, and Bioscience. CSES provides a gateway for collaborations with academic institutions in these science areas, provides external visibility and brings new ideas in these areas to the Laboratory, and acts as a catalyst for new project ideas in support of Los Alamos’ mission.  

Danielson brings a diverse technical background in planetary materials, geochemistry, and mineralogy. She has substantial leadership experience in fundamental planetary science research programs, most notably from her previous 15 years at NASA Johnson Space Center, where in addition to technical management, she engaged with universities and other external partners to grow programs. She is currently the NASA Program Manager for Discovery Science and New Missions at Los Alamos.