Rep. Christine Chandler Chosen As Vice Chair Of House Taxation & Revenue Committee

Rep. Christine Chandler


Rep. Christine Chandler will serve as the Vice Chair of the House Taxation & Revenue in the 55th Legislature which opened Tuesday. She is also a member of the House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee.

Chandler told the Los Alamos Reporter Friday that she is pleased to have been chosen as vice chair of the committee and honored by the confidence House Leadership has shown in her by this appointment.

“Tax policy in the state has long been stagnant relying on worn-out policy objections and tools.  I am looking forward to being part of a dynamic team of committee members lead by Chair Javier Martinez. Working collaboratively we hope to formulate equitable, fair tax policy that will
advance the needs of the State’s residents,” she said.

District 5 Sen. Leo Jaramillo will serve as Vice Chair of the Senate Indian, Rural & Cultural Affairs Committee and as a member of the Senate Tax, Business & Transportation Committee. District 6 Sen. Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales is serving on the Senate Finance Committee.