Diversity Week Recipe #5: Venezuelan Arroz Con Coco By Isolina Viloria

One Los Alamos is sharing recipes during Diversity Week. Pictured is Venezuelan Arroz con Coco (Coconut Rice Pudding). The recipe is from Isolina Viloria who is from Valencia, Venezuela amd moved to Los Alamos 14 years ago. Isolina enjoys hiking, traveling, dancing, puzzles and board games. Courtesy photo

Venezuelan Arroz con Coco (Coconut Rice Pudding)

This is a very simple but delicious recipe very commonly made in Venezuela especially in the coastal region where there are many coconut palm trees. It is traditionally served during  Easter.


2 Cups Basmati Rice

1 can coconut milk

2 cups regular milk

½ can condensed milk

1 cup water

1 cup coconut peeled and shredded ( You can also buy frozen coconut from the freezer at LA Liquor and thaw)

8 cloves

Cinnamon Powder ( optional)


Wash the rice and soak with just enough water to cover it for 1 hour

Put the rice, coconut and regular milk in a pot along with the water and cloves and cook till tender ( about 25 minutes)

Add more water if necessary.

Mix with condensed milk and the coconut.

Discard the cloves and sprinkle cinnamon powder