Yes! Stop The Steal!


An article “RPLA Comments on Events of Jan 6 in Washington”, written by Bill McKerley, Chair of the Republican Party of Los Alamos, was published online January 12. The pivoting in this article from a worthwhile topic to one that has been thoroughly debunked left me wondering what the purpose of the article actually is. I also wonder whether it represents the views of other members of the Republican Party.

After some remarks condemning the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6, the McKerley article pivots to repeating claims of election fraud, similar to what Trump and his supporters have been falsely claiming for months. Lawsuits based on those claims have been dismissed, over and over, because they lacked any evidence.

The McKerley article then states that there is a “vast amount of evidence for massive fraud”, a claim that is itself a fraud. There is no truth to that claim. Election results have been challenged and upheld time after time.

The claims in this article are dramatic and, as we’ve seen, inflamatory. Do these claims really represent the views of the membership of the Republican Party of Los Alamos?

False claims made by Trump and his supporters have led to lawless behavior, violence, anarchy, and hate, all of which have weakened our nation, and strengthened our adversaries.

Yes, it is time to stop the steal that Trump and his supporters have been trying to carry out for months. Enough of these illegal attempts to subvert the will of the voters. It is time for all of us to work to rebuild positive leadership within our nation.

Thank you,
Leigh House
Los Alamos