Attorney General Demands Couy Griffin Resign From Otero County Commission: Will Seek Removal If Griffin Fails To Resign


Attorney General Hector Balderas announced Sunday that he has demanded that Couy Griffin resign from the Otero County Commission. In a letter sent to Griffin Saturday, the Attorney General demanded his resignation on multiple grounds, including accusations that he has misused public office for personal gain, has neglected his duties as a county commissioner, and because of his participation in the January 6 insurrectionist attack on the United States Capitol.

The letter states that absent his resignation, the Office of the Attorney General will take all appropriate legal action to seek Griffin’s removal. This demand also comes as Griffin has reportedly been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“An elected office is a public trust, and no official should use it to encourage violence and attack Americans,” said Attorney General Balderas. “My office will enforce the rule of law to ensure the public’s confidence.”