First Round Of Vaccinations For Los Alamos Public Schools Staff To Begin Jan. 18


The first round of COVID-19 vaccinations for Los Alamos Public Schools staff will begin on Monday, Jan. 18.  

Staff over age 50 who are working directly with students and are in close contact with students are eligible to be vaccinated in this first round. This includes, for example, elementary staff, middle and high school special education staff, bus drivers running routes, elementary school custodians and secondary coaches. 

Just in case there is a reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, EMTs and a nurse will be on hand during the vaccination process.  There will also be an ambulance on standby. 

“I am pleased that LAPS employees are next in line to receive the vaccine,” said school Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus.  “Our understanding is that the Department of Health will be conducting a clinic once a week until all staff who want to receive the vaccine are vaccinated.”

A recent survey of LAPS employees indicated that 93 percent of staff want to be vaccinated.