Los Alamos Middle School Named New Mexico State Top 10 School At Vocabulary.com


The Los Alamos Middle School has been named a New Mexico State Top 10 school at Vocabulary.com. Los Alamos Online Learning Academy Upper Academy students mastered 600 words during the month of December. The 2020-21 Vocabulary Bowl season runs from October 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021.

Eleanor Simons, a LAOLA 6th grade teacher, originally signed up at Vocabulary.com several years ago in the name of Los Alamos Middle School, but the recent accolade “is really for the LAOLA students,” noted Simons. The LAPS Foundation funded the premium license which enabled access to many more features on the site.  “The students love using this website,” said Simons.

Founded in 2008, Vocabulary.com was built by a multidisciplinary team of educators, lexicographers, data scientists, and developers. Together, they recognized the need for an effective instructional technology that would empower learners to unpack the complexity and nuances of the English language. The solution they developed was Vocabulary.com, a platform built on best practices that is systematic, engaging, and adaptive.

To date, Vocabulary.com has served more than 5.1 billion questions to learners all over the world, and is used by 3.8 million students in 56,000 schools. In 2020 Vocabulary.com joined the growing family of education technology products offered by IXL Learning.

For more information, go to https://www.vocabulary.com/.