Steinhaus: Caring For Self, Each Other And Students In The Wake Of Traumatic News

Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent

Dear LAPS Parents and Families,

This morning, our teachers did an exceptional job talking with students about what is happening in our nation’s capital. Throughout the day, I appreciate that our staff have taken time to reach out to each other, provide emotional support and talk through the issues.

In looking forward, what does this all mean for the Los Alamos Public Schools?

  • It means we continue as a community that is welcoming, respectful, and loving toward everyone.
  • As a school community, it is not a time to divide, hurt, or say mean things. It is a time for us to come together, work together, and respect each and every one of us.
  • LAPS is a family, and everyone should feel physically and emotionally safe here. We will all make sure that happens.

If needed, there are multiple options for support around the district. I encourage you to start by talking with a school counselor or Principal. You are welcome to contact me directly.
One useful tool box can be found by clicking here: Safe and Civil Schools. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has created a free online course for pre-K through 12th grade called “Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress.”
Here are some additional resources:

I want to thank each and every one of you for what you are doing to make our school district, community, country and world a better place.  Your leadership is needed more than ever.

Most sincerely yours,