AG’s Office Files Lawsuit Against Company For Unfair Practices In Recruitment And Placement Of Filipino Teachers In New Mexico


Attorney General Hector Balderas announced today that his office has sued Total Teaching Solutions International, and its CEO Janice Bickert. TTSI and Ms. Bickert have been engaged in recruiting teachers from the Philippines to teach in New Mexico school districts. However, TTSI charged exorbitant and excessive fees for the placement services they offer and in some cases failed to provide. TTSI charges approximately $15,000 for services. Several other companies operating in the State of New Mexico that provide nearly identical services on average charge $4,000 per teacher.

“NM has a critical teacher shortage, and it is vital that recruitment of incoming teachers not be used to exploit teachers that are lawfully supported by school districts,” said Attorney General Balderas. “I will continue to fight to make sure those coming to New Mexico to teach our children are protected from predatory businesses.”

Once in the United States, TTSI forces teachers to pay previously undisclosed additional fees, and sign additional refinancing contracts. When the teachers inevitably were unable to pay the exorbitant fees, they were threatened with lawsuits, which TTSI and Ms. Bickert ultimately filed against them.