Support Asked For Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship Honoring Julie Meadows


It’s almost Christmas and this is the time of year when White Rock Presbyterian Church asks for support for the Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship fund. The scholarship honors the memory of Julie Meadows, a young mother and Los Alamos National Laboratory employee who died of a brain tumor in 2009.

Shortly before she was diagnosed, Julie participated in a mission experience with White Rock Presbyterian Church on the Navajo Nation. This experience left her with a desire to support Navajo women in their educational pursuits, as a way of positively impacting life on the reservation. Her family, church, friends and community have supported the scholarship for nine years, raising over $30,000 for 20 scholarships since 2011. 

Scholarships are based on academic merit, dedication to serving the Navajo people and financial need. Donations are appreciated can be made at or sent to White Rock Presbyterian Church, 310 Rover Blvd., White Rock NM 87547.  All contribution are tax deductible and all of the funds go directly to provide scholarships to the recipients.

More information about Julie Meadows, the scholarship application form, past winners and photos can be seen at the scholarship website,