United Church Invites Community To Virtual Christmas Eve Service


This holiday season is like no other in our lifetime with so many sick and dying. There is hope on the horizon with a new vaccine but perhaps this is a time, when you need friends, family or a church family to get you through what may seem or feel impossible.

Senior Pastor David Elton of the United Church of Los Alamos invites you on Christmas Eve to join with others to listen, to learn and to hope as you journey through this holiday week.

“We know that too many people are suffering from illness, grief and loneliness these days and for weeks to come,” said Elton. “Thankfully, we are invited to lean on our faith in all times, especially during this time. Churches in Los Alamos will be offering worship services for us to welcome and celebrate the coming day and season of Christmas.”

Elton, along with youth Pastor Keith Lewis and Pastor of Christian education Kara Windler, invite you to enjoy, word, song and prayer as the United Church of Los Alamos streams their Christmas Eve candlelight service. It takes place this Thursday at 5 p.m. on the church website at www.unitedchurchla.org. The service will be filled with musicians, carols, messages and words to bring you joy in a period that may feel joyless. You can experience the traditions and fullness of the words in the comfort and safety of your home.

The worship service will allow you to experience the history of communion with items you have on hand in the fellowship of knowing others are sharing your experience. The service is not meant just for members but for anyone that would like to share in a moment like no other. If you are new to the community, perhaps you have not had the opportunity to “visit,” local churches. Whether you seek a new church home, or just want to do something new, come visit the season in a new way in a new place among new friends.

“Please know that everyone is invited to join us online, as we all seek the joy and that comes with the Light of Christ in this world and in our lives,” Elton. “You may also visit our website anytime or join us for our online worship service each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.”

The community of faith invites you to visit the website, read about their history, see past newsletters or request a new one. You can view recent services like, “The Service for Longing and Hope” to seek deeper meaning, contemplation and healing.

If you have other requests or questions, reach out to the church office at (505) 662-2971. You can also request to speak to a pastor, to learn more or request additional information.