Family Strengths Network Thanks Community For Open Support

Executive Director
Family Strengths Network

We are so grateful to the many in our community who have expressed their appreciation openly in support of Family Strengths Network (FSN) and the services we provide to families.

FSN has entered into a two-year contract with the County that will begin Jan. 1, 2021.  Los Alamos County has also worked with FSN over the last six months through a purchase order to maintain funding during the contract process.

Thank you for sharing how important FSN is to you and for conveying to County leadership your desire to have access to the types of services FSN provides. Your efforts have had a positive impact.

We would also like to thank the County and County Council for listening and making efforts to better understand the needs of families in the community, and for their commitment to preserving important family services through funding.  We are grateful for the actions they have taken and are taking to ensure families have access to needed services.

With deep gratitude,

Family Strengths Network’s Board of Directors, Executive Director and Staff