Sirphey’s Sugar, Spice, And Everything Chai-ce Gift Box Collection Ready To Order


Holiday spirit has taken hold at Sirphey. For the first time, the local startup has prepared an array of purchasable gift boxes that allow you to bring a bit of global food and drink to your own pantry with bundles priced 25-40% lower than retail value. All six holiday boxes are gift-wrapped and themed around Sugar, Spice, and Everything Chai-ce. 

The Middle Eastern Sugar Box provides an array of truffles, Turkish delight, baklava, and more, while the Americas version includes the three most popular blends of Santa Fe’s Kakawa Drinking Chocolate with housemade marshmallow blossoms. 

The Everything Chai-ce Boxes delve into the world of caffeine, offering staff favorites from UnQuarked’s 40 tea loose-leaf menu. The Light Box that features white, green, and herbal blends is perfect for those who love tea but want to skip the jitters; whereas the Dark Box includes an exotic blend of Assam, Darjeeling, Puer, and Dark teas certain to wake you up in the morning. 

“But what we’re most excited about is the inaugural roast of Saffron & Coffee Roasters included in the Coffee Edition,” remarks Sirphey’s Cortni Nucklos. “It is a direct trade blend sourced from Rwanda and roasted in-house that produces lovely notes of cherry blossom and white chocolate.” 

It faces stiff competition from the Spice Box, which is already selling out. “We definitely receive a ton of requests for recipes, but when your recipe serves 60 people, uses a blender the size of a leg, and requires an expensive inventory of fresh spices, it doesn’t translate so well into home-preparation,” explains Prashant Jain, Sirphey’s owner. 

“With these house-roasted and assembled spice blends, we can give customers a taste of their Sirphey favorites on-demand in their own pantries. No hassle, no need to spend a small fortune on spices, and no need to feed an army at once.” 

The boxes are currently on sale through Sirphey’s website, and gift cards of any amount can be added at a 20% discount. Already have all your holiday shopping sorted? You can still enjoy a bit of holiday magic from around the world with Sirphey’s holiday curry menu, available Dec. 12 through Dec. 24 for pickup and delivery.

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$5 off gift boxes ordered by Dec. 20