Espanola Pathways Shelter Seeks Help With Seven Tenant Improvement Items Needed To Prepare For Opening


Although the hurdles have been huge, the Espanola Pathways Shelter has been blessed to leap over every single one so far! Although the doors are not yet opened, we have still been able to provide distribution and services to our community’s most vulnerable and help to add to the healing resources within our community.

In the first nine months of this year, we welcomed 222 guests ages 20 to 60 including 9 veterans. We provided an average of 15 meals an evening during our food distribution. Referrals provided included 19 for hotels, 16 for housing, 18 for detox, 22 for rehab, 11 for medical assistance, 17 for assistance obtaining new ID, 25 for Medicaid/food stamps, 5 for other shelters and 12 for outpatient recovery classes.

We are currently wrapping up this phase of the tenant improvements which included a complete fire alarm and suppression system. We are so very grateful for the donations of time and financial support from community volunteers and local businesses, Espanola city government and state government that have gotten us this close to being able to finally open our doors. 

To complete this phase of the tenant improvements we lack just a few items:

  1. A 50 gallon electric water heater
  2. 2 split-frame commercial doors
  3. 800 square feet for 12 x 12 or 18 x 18 floor tile thin set and grout
  4. 60 lineal feet of 1 x 10 and 60 lineal feet of 1 x 4 for trimming out the new windows
  5. 40 gallons wall paint
  6. 10 gallons of miscellaneous pavement marking paint
  7. 5 sets commercial door hardware

Any tax deductible donations to help with any part of the cost of these items will be greatly appreciated and allow EPS to provide more direct services with their current funds.

We are hoping to be fully open by Dec. 21. The final phase of tenant improvements to the building will occur in the spring when we will shut down for a month to add four news showers, a new bathroom and a fence.  

If you have any questions or would like to donate any of the items listed or funds to help pay for them, call or email Ralph Martinez, (505) 221-3227, or Mateo Peixinho, (505) 927-4418, They can also give you a ballpark cost for each item.