LAPS Superintendent Corrects Misinformation Released Thursday On Schools Status


A community update by Los Alamos County Council Chair Sara Scott contained some misinformation which has prompted several parents Los Alamos Public Schools Supt. Kurt Steinhaus to send a correction to local media.

Scott’s letter noted that Los Alamos County needs to move to the green risk level to create the opportunity for local elementary schools to return to hybrid model operations. Steinhaus says that is not the case.

“Since LAPS has already implemented a Hybrid Learning model approved by the Public Education Department, Los Alamos does not have to be ‘green’ on the Department of Health map before our schools transition back to Hybrid Learning.  The School Board is closely monitoring COVID infection rates and will make data-driven decisions based upon 1) safety for students, families and staff, 2) student learning needs, including those with an Individual Education Plan 3) social emotional learning and behavioral health, and 4) availability of staffing,” Steinhaus said.

Scott told the Los Alamos Reporter Thursday that she appreciates the clarification.