Los Alamos/White Rock Arts And Crafts Crawl Slated For Saturday, Dec. 5


More than a dozen vendors are gearing up for the Los Alamos/White Rock Arts and Crafts Crawl slated for Saturday, Dec. 5 at private homes throughout the County.

The COVID-safe event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., provides a platform for local artists and crafters to sell their creations during a time when arts and craft fairs are banned under the state public health order. A similar event was held in October and was so successful that the second crawl was planned for Saturday.

If you are not familiar with the “Crawl” concept, think of it as part yard sale and part art fair. The vendors set up outside homes and shoppers get to come by and see what they offer for sale. Masks are worn and social-distancing is required. Some vendors have doubled up at locations to make it easier for shoppers.

The list of participants is as follows:


515 Paige Loop – Florence Riebe and Janet Montoya
Framed Diamond Dot pictures,jewelry, and ink pendants

78 Bandolina Drive – Jeanne Adkins
Jewelry and more

626 Meadow Lane – Sue Souza
@StaySafeMasks and @DesignsBySue
Adult/children’s masks, holiday masks, holiday socks and items for baby


3590 Gold Street – Stellar Knitting – Stella Cverna, @TomStitcheryDesigns – Stefanie Pipis and Tina DeYoe –  hand embroidery, small sewn items, stocking stuffers, greeting cards, ornaments, and knitted accessories

1752 37th Street – Judy McKenzie and Betty Bluebird Homemade (Karen Proctor)
Holiday wreaths, cards, plant holders and more

2211 35th Street – Father Theophan (Kenyon Mackey) and Jacquelin Nolen
Pottery, handmade bags, crocheted blankets, and doll clothes

2173 A 36th Street – Philip Brown
Photography, magnets, and prints

505 Oppenheimer Drive
Haylea Nisbet and Carolyn Zerkle
Macrame coasters, earrings, wall hangings, painted rocks and boxes, and more