Local 2020 Recycle Art Fair And Fashion Show Winners Announced

‘Recycled Robot’ by Hendrix Deschamp won the Recycle Child’s Fashion Category. Courtesy photo

‘Tween’ by Hawke Lindberg won the Recycle Tweens Fashion Category. Courtesy photo

‘Aluminum and Paper’ by Sonja Salzman won the Recycle Fashions Adult Category. Courtesy photo

Evelyn Fobes won the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Poster Contest. Courtesy photo


The National Recycling Coalition created America Recycles Day in 1997. Every year on November 15, millions of people across the United States participate in America Recycles Day. This day raises awareness about recycling, reusing, reducing waste and the importance of purchasing recycled products to close the loop.

In celebration of America Recycles Day, Los Alamos Public Schools and Los Alamos County Environmental Services hosted a fun and interactive Recycle Art and Fashion Show. This year, despite COVID-19 restrictions, the event was held by curating the collection of submissions and displaying them using an online gallery and sharing it with our community. Click on the link to view the 2020 Recycle Art Fair & Fashion Show Gallery.

In total, 15 local recycle fashionistas from across the community and over 100 recycled artists from Chamisa and Piñon Elementary School participated in the event. By creating art and fashion from otherwise discarded materials, participants help bring awareness to the value of  materials often viewed as trash. Students from Chamisa and Piñon schools were inspired to create art from recycled materials, while learning about the impact of trash on our environment. Artwork was created from outdated and discarded Braille books, cardboard boxes, newspaper, and mat board. The teachers are appreciative of the mat board scraps donated by Ken Nebel of Village Arts. 

The event was judged by members of the Zero Waste Team and Los Alamos High School Eco Club. Although it is always difficult to make a decision, the following artists and fashionistas were selected as the 2020 Recycle Art Fair and Fashion Show Winners:

Recycle Fashions Child Category:

1) “Recycled Robot” by Hendrix Deschamp

2) “Recycled Blazer Vest, Belt and Bowtie” by Lennon Deschamp

3) “Recycled Rainbow” by Evelyn Fobes

Recycle Fashions Tween Category:

1) “Tween” by Hawke Lindberg

2) “Things I Touch in a Day” by Genevieve Fortin

3) “Cutest Chip on the Block” by Kohynn Young

Recycle Fashions Adult Category:

  1. “Aluminum and Paper” by Sonja Salzman 
  2. “Scrap and Glow” by Andrea Lynch
  3. “Re-Marker-Able Earrings” by Joanne Kozuchowski

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Poster Category:

  1. Evelynn Fobes
  2. Kohynn Young
  3. Brandon Keller

Thank you for the support of LAPS Supt. Kurt Steinhaus and Los Alamos County Public Works Director Anne Laurent. This event would not be possible without the creative energy, passion and support of Renee Mitsunaga (Chamisa Elementary Art Teacher), Andrea Lynch (Piñon Elementary Art Teacher), Pamela Miller – Video Producer (Aspen Elementary, Special Education Teacher), and Sara Martinez (LAC Environmental Services, Office Specialist).  Additionally, a special thank you must be given to the Zero Waste Team and Los Alamos High School Eco Club members for serving as judges. 

What can you do to recycle locally and be part of the solution? 

  • Buy products that are made with recycled material
  • Learn how to RECYCLE RIGHT, download the Recycle Coach tool from Google Play or the App store. Reduce contamination and ensure clean, recyclable materials will be processed into new products.
  • Join the Zero Waste Team and learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste in the community. Email zerowaste@lacnm.us for more information.