LAPS MOU For North Mesa Housing

Open Letter To Los Alamos Public Schools Board:

I live in Loma Linda, just west of LAMS. I am opposed to the development of this land for the following reasons:

1. LAPS, to my knowledge has not had an attorney, financial expert or some other professional review the MOU. Pluses and minuses need to be evaluated by an expert and that needs to be released to the public. 

2. It will add 1000 people to North Mesa. That is way over the capacity for the roundabout. Traffic during school drop off and rush hour will be horrible and not safe for the students. Emergency evacuation would be a nightmare. 

3. The proposed project is high density low income housing. There are already 2 such projects on North Mesa. They are where they fit in with the surrounding neighborhood. This project is in an area of single family homes and open space, it will not fit in. 

4. We already have low water pressure and power outages. What is going to happen if we add 1000 people? 

5. LAPS is supposed to act in the best interests of the students. The Board has a fiduciary duty to do that. Leasing this land to the County is not in the best interests of the students. The Lab is hiring a lot of people, most of whom will have families. LAPS will need this parcel, it is last one LAPS has, to build a new school, maybe a sixth grade academy. 

6. This MOU is way too vague, it allows the County to do almost anything it wants. 

7. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. It would be really odd if Apple asked Santa Clara County to build affordable housing for Apple employees and then the County turned to the School district. Why is it LAPS’s responsible to provide affordable housing for the Lab?

8. The last time that LAPS tried to build housing for teachers, Pinon Trails, it was a cash cow for the developers. I think maybe 2-3 teachers got housing. 

9. If the Board wants to provide income for LAPS from this land and not save it for a new school, has selling it to a developer been considered? 

Los Alamos