Council Chair Sara Scott: Let’s Look Out For Each Other And Help Our Neighbors

Los Alamos County Council Chair

I hope this beautiful Fall finds you and your family well as we move towards the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be approaching this season differently this year, in the context of the significant increase in COVID-19 infections and the current Public Health Order aimed at reducing the impacts of this surge on our well-being and the ability of our health care systems to care for our families, friends, and communities. The current Public Health Order will expire on November 30 and the reopening of businesses and County facilities will be determined on a county by county basis. I don’t yet know what the specific criteria will be, but I continue to work with the Mayor’s Council to provide input and feedback to these ongoing discussions.

Because of the stress that the increasing number of cases has placed on testing and reporting, it is possible that we’ll see an even larger spike in positive cases in the coming days. On the other hand, there is good news emerging regarding the availability of a vaccine and the County Emergency Manager continues to work with the NM Department of Health to plan for phased distribution (the Los Alamos County Point of Distribution Plan is currently under review by the NM Department of Health), so we can be as ready as possible when the time comes for vaccine distribution.

Let’s pull hard together between now and then and demonstrate our readiness to move forward through and after November 30 in a safe way and one that also supports our businesses – they need us and we need them. Let’s keep getting the word out to those in need about where to get help, whether from CARES Act funds or other resources (call the County Help Line at 662-8333). Let’s support vaccine readiness efforts; if you are in the medical field and interested in supporting vaccination efforts please register at; we need every one of you.

Let’s look out for each other and help our neighbors. Please stay home, don’t gather in groups of more than five, wear your mask and keep your distance. I miss my kids and grandkids and know you all are making sacrifices as well – but we’ve got this, and we’ll get from here to when a vaccine will be available together.