MANNM Step Challenge Nov. 14-26 Encourages People To Come Out And Exercise

Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico

November is National Diabetes Month to raise awareness of diabetes and come together as a community to bring attention to this widespread problem. Nov. 14 marks World Diabetes Day marking the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922. The theme this year is “The Nurse and Diabetes” celebrating the significant role that nurses play in education and management of our patients.

The CDC estimates that a total of 34.2 million people have diabetes (10.5% of the US population) and a total of 88 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes (34.5% of the adult US population)

Lifestyle plays a large role in helping modify the disease and this includes exercise and diet.

Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico (MANNM) has organized a “Diabetes Run” the past couple of years to encourage people to come out and exercise. The proceeds were divided equally between a local non-profit and the American Diabetes Association to benefit Diabetes Camp in New Mexico for children with Type 1 Diabetes, as a way of giving back to the community.

This event unfortunately could not be held this year, but uncontrolled diabetes remains one of the risk factors for complications related to Covid-19 and raising awareness of the importance of managing diabetes is more important than ever.

To mark the month and continue the tradition of giving back to the community, MANNM is organizing a Step Challenge to run between Nov. 14 – Nov. 26. (Thanksgiving Day). 

In order to support our many businesses that are suffering due to Covid lockdowns, prizes this year will be Chamber Checks to the small businesses in Los Alamos that could be used on Small Business Saturday Nov. 28, or later.

These will be offered in the following categories- 

Highest number of steps: $100

Participants will be entered into drawings for the other categories-

10,000 + steps a day: $80 – 1 winner

7,000 – 9,999 steps a day: $50 – 2 winners

3,000 – 6,999 steps a day: $20 – 3 winners

Participants can send in their steps to the Facebook event page

or email to

Drawing will be held on Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving.

We invite the town to come together and make this event a huge success for your own health, to honor a loved one who has struggled with or is struggling with diabetes, as well as for the health of the community.