Los Alamos Police Department Investigating Incident At Smith’s Pharmacy Drive-Through Wednesday

Los Alamos Police Department is seeking the identity of the man pictured above. Photo Courtesy LAPD


Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone confirmed Monday that on Wednesday, November 4, an unidentified male was reported to have cursed and used a racial slur towards a patron in line at the Smith’s drive-through pharmacy. 

Sgambellone said since that time, LAPD has aggressively investigated the matter and released a photo of a person of interest the Department would like to question. Anyone who knows this individual is urged to call LA Crime Stoppers at (505) 662-8282.

The victim in the incident told the Los Alamos Reporter that while she was driving through the drive-through pharmacy area in the Smith’s Marketplace parking lot at around 11 a.m., she noticed a tall white man facing her car from several feet away. She said it appeared that the man was shouting in her direction. When the pharmacy clerk stepped away from the window, the woman said she realized the man was screaming at her and she heard him call her several names including a racial slur. She said he also threatened to hurt her, also using a racial slur.

Several people heard and saw the man and one of them happened to be a friend of the victim who recorded and photographed the man. The victim said the incident was very upsetting to her and that she felt threatened.

The Los Alamos Reporter has been contacted by several members of the community who have expressed their shock, disgust and abhorrence at the incident. Sources tell the Reporter that the man bought the pizza he is carrying in the photo nearby but paid cash.

There is a cash reward of $250 for the first person who provides information to LAPD that positively identifies the man in the photo. Callers to the Crime Stoppers number can always remain anonymous if they choose.