I Urge County Councilors To Support Campaign Finance Reform Resolution


Though as a nation we appear to maintain stark differences, I hope that all voting citizens could agree:

  • That corporations, which are creations of state laws, and humans, are distinct and should not possess the same rights under our Constitution;
  • That campaign finance in our country needs reform;
  • That the cost of campaigning in our country is excessive;
  • That campaign finance should be transparent; and
  • That all citizens should have the ability to participate effectively in the electoral process and have fair access to representation.

It is for the above reasons that I urge County Councilors to support Resolution 20-18, which declares that our County recognizes the need for campaign finance reform and asks our New Mexico Congressional delegation to support legislation leading to an amendment to the US Constitution for consideration by the states to correct the flawed campaign finance system as it currently exits.

To view Resolution 20-18, go to the County Council website and click-on agenda packets for Nov. 10. https://www.losalamosnm.us/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6435726/File/Government/Elected%20Officials/Clerks/Proposed%20Resolutions/20201110_Resolution%20No.%2020-18_Campaign%20Finance%20Regulation%20Amendment_FINAL.pdf

Adelaide Jacobson
Los Alamos