Reagor: Thank You, Los Alamos

Republican Candidate for
Los Alamos County Council 

Dear Editor:   
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the voters who honored me with your vote.   To those who voted for other candidates, I will represent you also to the best of my ability.  The highlight of my campaign was canvassing neighborhoods and hearing from the people.  As your Councilor, I will continue to prioritize open communication and public input for the issues facing our community.   

I am deeply grateful to my team of dedicated supporters and generous donors who made my election win possible.  Together, we made thousands of door-to-door contacts, phone calls, and wrote letters.  Many distributed and displayed yard signs, while others cooked delicious meals for us.  This army of volunteers continually moved our campaign forward.  Thank you to Jolyn McTeigue, Lisa Shin, Donna MacDonald, Dianne Coanne, Allen McPherson and many others.  Our local Republican Party really pulled together for this victory.   

I also thank all the candidates for running campaigns focused on the needs of the people.   

My campaign has been a great experience and pleasure.  I look forward to serving this community.  Thank you, Los Alamos!