Chandler: Humbled and Honored By Extraordinary Show Of Support

House District 43

Voters and residents of New Mexico House District 43, I am humbled and honored by the extraordinary show of support.  I look forward to serving you again in the State House of Representatives. Although the State faces daunting challenges in the shadow of an unprecedented pandemic, I remain confident and optimistic that we will continue building on the progress made in the last two years.

To all of you who voted and encouraged others to vote, Thank you! To the County Clerk, her able staff and the many dedicated volunteers who ensured unfettered access to the polls, Thank you!  To the local candidates who focused on policy and refrained from personal attacks, Thank you!  And to my opponent, David Hampton, who talked about his positions and avoided the vitriol that marked so many races across the State and Country, Thank you!  And most importantly, to George Chandler who keeps me grounded and focused on doing what is right, Thank you!

The hard work is ahead of us.  Let’s continue to serve with cooperation and respect.  Let’s choose the path of hope and light.