LAPD Issues Advice For Halloween


Like most things this year being modified because of COVID-19, Halloween in Los Alamos is also being modified.  

Los Alamos Police Department will have extra patrols for Halloween but their objective is to ensure public safety regarding pedestrians and motor vehicles, not to tell people they can not participate in trick-or-treating.  

Per the Governor of New Mexico, CDC guidelines, current NM public health orders and local county council recommendations; participating in trick-or-treating is not prohibited, just discouraged.  If citizens do not want to to participate in trick-or-treating, we request they keep their porch lights off and put a note on their front door.  LAPD will not be responding to calls for service that people are trick-or-treating.

LAPD request that people who do participate in trick-or-treating respect citizens choices who choose to not participate by hanging a note on their door, and refrain from approaching those residences.  There are several community organizations that are going to provide safe trick-or-treating alternatives this year, and we request people seek out those options as well.  

As a reminder to all motorists, with Day Light Savings Time ending on Sunday, Nov. 1, please use extra caution while driving at night and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists.