LANL Grants Help Students And Teachers Succeed In Online Learning

Española Public Schools will use its grant to purchase iPads for the district’s Pre-K programs. Photo Courtesy LANL


$17,000 will fund computers and tablets for Pojoaque and Española schools


Grants totaling $17,000 from Laboratory operator Triad National Security, LLC to Española and Pojoaque Valley Schools will make online learning a little easier for students and teachers this fall.

An award of $8500 to Española Public Schools (EPS) will be used to purchase iPads for the district’s Pre-K programs.

“The students are in need of devices that they can use for learning,” says Fred Trujillo, superintendent of EPS. “Since much of their interaction is tactile, the interactive screens of the iPads will augment their learning.”

Pojoaque Valley School District will use their grant of $8500 to purchase laptops for teachers at Pojoaque Valley Middle School who will use them to plan and manage their teaching online.

“The LANL/Triad grant will ensure that our teachers have the technological tools in their arsenal to overcome any obstacles related to tools or resources not being compatible with their older laptops,” says Mario Vigil, principal at Pojoaque Valley Middle School. “The end result is that teachers will be able to plan lessons that are engaging and increase collaboration between teacher-student and student-student.”

“During this most challenging time, we are asking a lot of our teachers daily,” says Vigil. “Having a functioning device certainly makes for a happier, more productive teacher who is able to make a positive impact in a child’s life!”

Superintendent Trujillo also sees a long-term benefit to having access to the tablets the grant will provide. “Even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted, the district still plans to utilize technology on a daily basis with our students. We may keep the devices with the students so that we can have the 1-to-1 devices for our students to launch them into true 21st century learning.”