We Need To Reelect Christine Chandler As Our State Representative


I support Christine Chandler as our Representative for State District 43 and here’s why:

Representative Chandler supports affordable health care for all New Mexicans.  I believe The Health Securities Act (HSA) is a good start.  This is an opportunity for N.M. to take the lead in providing health care for all with less cost while retaining our choice of provider. See link: https://www.nmhealthsecurity.org/health-security-plan

Representative Chandler has proved her integrity and tenacity in her prior work in the legislature.  She has co-sponsored and passed multiple bills which have greatly helped our community.  See link: https://www.nmlegis.gov/Legislation/BillFinder/Sponsor?SponCode=HCHAN&YearStart=57&YearEnd=58&Type=BMR

Rep. Chandler will vote to allow a woman to make her own choices about her health care.  Her opponent says HE will vote against a women’s right to choose (LWV Local Forum).  I am a Catholic and understand the sanctity of life. I am also a Health Care Provider.  It is not our place to force our beliefs on others. It is our job to protect women from having to resort to back street abortions with their certain infections, hemorrhage and possible death when they are driven, through desperation, to seek a termination. They answer to God alone who is infinitely merciful. 

Rep. Chandler has not only benefited our county but also those struggling communities in the far reaches of her district. She has given her support to many rural water systems which perform a vital and essential need in our high desert environment.

Rep. Chandler is endorsed by the Sierra Club and will vote to protect our fragile environment which is constantly under threat.

These are just some of the reasons that I believe Christine Chandler is the best person to represent us in District 43.

We need to reelect Representative Christine Chandler.

Maggie Charsley M.D.