Armbruster:The Better Candidate For Public Education Commission Is Rebekka Burt

Public Education Commissioner
District 4

The Better Candidate for Public Education CommissionI wholeheartedly endorse Rebekka Burt for the position of Public Education Commissioner for District 4. She is the only one who called me prior to submitting her name to ask the amount of time commitment required (lots), what the Commission’s responsibilities actually were, and exactly how charter schools were assessed and evaluated. She shows true passion and dedication to the position and has taken an active role in her two daughters education.

Only Bekka has attended PEC meetings in person as well as Zoom PEC meetings, so she could begin as a Commissioner with some knowledge of the job and responsibilities. In addition, she felt it was important for voters to judge her answers at the League forum even though her opponent was not on Zoom to answer questions that were submitted. When a candidate does not attend via an electronic meeting to answer questions, it does leave a concern in voters’ minds.

Rebekka was a full-time K-12 teacher…essential because the schools she will be charged to oversee are only K-12 schools. She has also worked for the Public Education Department. These skills make her particularly qualified to fill this opening. The Public Education Commission is unique in that there has never been a vote in the last 6 years that was politically based. One can only imagine how rare that is. Clearly that is one of the reasons my experience has been so fulfilling and satisfying. Rebekka will be a perfect addition to the Commission.