In Support Of Denise Derkacs For Los Alamos County Council


I am writing in support of Denise Derkacs, candidate for Los Alamos County Council.

Because of Denise’s exemplary work ethic, attention to detail, and tenacity to objectively research all aspects of an issue, several people have already written in support. Her 38 year involvement in our community through work, schools, and citizen’s boards has earned her the respect of many. I would like to add my voice, but from a different perspective, as her next-door neighbor of 15 years.

What makes a wonderful neighbor? I’m sure everyone will have a different idea, but for me a few things come to mind; integrity, tolerance, reliability, and compassion.

Denise’s integrity is plainly evident. Her honesty, respect for others, and desire to work for the good of our community have earned my admiration.   

Denise is tolerant. Her life experience has given her the insight to appreciate other people’s points of view, and she understands we all approach life with individuality. She can judge a situation objectively, and takes time to listen to different perspectives.

Denise is reliable She is a woman of her word. Denise will work tirelessly to fulfill a commitment, and most likely, will go above and beyond.

Finally, Denise is compassionate. I know her empathy and her desire to make things better for others drives her decision making.  

I believe Denise will bring these same qualities to the County Council to work as a wonderful neighbor for all of us. She will work with integrity, listen with tolerance and objectivity, reliably fulfill her commitment to the community, and most importantly, she will make decisions using care and compassion for the citizens of Los Alamos County.  

I hope you will join me in voting for Denise Derkacs for County Council.

Susan Laintz