Here’s Why I Voted For Jim Rickman


A few days ago I voted for Jim Rickman for Los Alamos County Council.  Here’s why.

I first met Jim many years ago through interactions I had with him when we both worked at the Lab. He impressed me with his leadership and expertise in public affairs, his broad awareness of the Lab’s operations, and his ability to understand multiple facets of complex situations and work toward mutually agreeable solutions.  In particular, I was impressed with his insights into the importance of the symbiotic relationship between the Lab and the community wherein the Lab underpins the economic health of the community and the community in turn fosters the vibrant quality of life that helps to attract the talent needed by the Lab.    

In my opinion, one of Jim’s major strengths is that he grew up in Los Alamos and, therefore, has had the opportunity to observe first-hand and personally experience many of the long-term changes—some not for the overall betterment— affecting the community. As a result, Jim recognizes the need for some course corrections in County Council actions. Examples include the need to improve transparency, provide a more timely response to issues, improve living conditions for middle income citizens, and constantly strive to sustain the natural environment.  I am confident Jim has the skills and dedication to work as an effective member of the County Council on these and other issues. 

I urge you to vote for Jim Rickman.

Wes Myers
Los Alamos