Jim Rickman Would Serve Well On County Council


Jim Rickman is competing for a seat on the County Council. If, during my decades in Los Alamos, you ever asked me who would serve well on the County Council, Jim Rickman is surely one of the first names that I would have offered.

I first met Jim at New Mexico State University in 1986. Jim was a philosophy major, and I recall him saying that his career goal was to “stand up to corporations and fight for the common man”. Jim has been a real asset to this county for decades; as a first-rate communications specialist at the Lab, as a part-time bike mechanic, and even as a County Council member during the 1990’s.

I urge you to watch the video of the League of Women Voters interviews of the candidates, available on www.vote4rickman.com. You’ll gain a great impression of the candidates and you’ll see that Jim knows and loves Los Alamos! Jim has always been in-the-know, always had a spot-on understanding of what’s going on in Los Alamos, and has a great sense of humor too!

I don’t expect that Jim and I would feel the same about every issue, but I know Jim and I know he will always listen. He will hear you, he will weigh your concerns sincerely, and he will always uphold the dignity of every individual as he strives for the best Los Alamos, now and in the long run. I wholeheartedly support Jim Rickman for County Council!

Scot Johnson
Los Alamos