Why I Voted For And Support James Rickman For County Council


I’ve worked with and have known James Rickman for a long time. I worked with him in the County Clerk’s Office. Later, when he was elected to County Council, I continued to work with him through my role in the Clerk’s Office. I know him to be fair minded and nonjudgmental. He has the capacity to really look at issues, listen to public input and use common sense. During his term, he and his Council colleagues were faced with tough circumstances, the Cerro Grande Fire to name one, but they worked together to make decisions that have served this community well.

Right now there are a lot of big, long-term projects being kicked around. These are going to require all the strengths that I know James possesses in order for the residents and the County Council to reach consensus. James Rickman is highly qualified to be an advocate for residents and maintaining high quality of life in the community.

Please consider supporting James Rickman for County Council.

Sheryl Nichols