Governor Issues Statement As New Mexico Celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day Monday


Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued the following statement Monday in commemoration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day: 

“Indigenous Peoples’ Day is an important opportunity to honor the culture and traditions of New Mexico’s first citizens, our tribal brothers and sisters who make up such an important part of our state’s beautiful multicultural identity. Tribal nations and their peoples have made incredible and unique contributions to not only our state but this country we all love. This year, the tribal nations of New Mexico have suffered and persevered amid the pandemic and economic crisis, showing incredible resilience and strength in the face of challenging circumstances, demonstrating that we are all stronger when we look out for each other together. The state of New Mexico has not hesitated – and will never hesitate – to help protect and provide for the sovereign nations within our borders. On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day I join all New Mexicans in celebrating the indigenous nations and peoples of New Mexico and around the country and world, in lifting up the diverse traditions, cultures, languages and heritage and in committing to support the health, well-being and prosperity of indigenous people, today and every day.”

Indian Affairs Department Secretary Lynn Trujillo, a member of Sandia Pueblo, issued the following statement:

“Today we celebrate the enduring history of indigenous people in our state. As New Mexico’s first citizens, indigenous people have contributed to a diverse cultural tapestry. Our legacy of strength and resilience stands as a testament to the rich and enduring culture of our ancestors. It is these teachings that will ensure that our future-ancestors, our young people, will continue to thrive and preserve our traditions well into the future.”

In April 2019, Gov. Lujan Grisham established in law that the second Monday in October shall be celebrated as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, an official state holiday.