One Vote For David Reagor Is One Vote For Small Businesses, Transparency And Accountability


This past summer, former County Councilor Morrie Pongratz suggested that our County Council should not be blamed for our town’s many woes.   CB Fox, Bealls, Reel Deal, the Los Alamos Monitor and KRSN have closed their doors for good.  With the demise of Mari Mac shopping center, we are about to lose even more restaurants, LA Fitness Center and Auto Zone.  That’s not even taking into account  our Governor’s onerous, “one size fits all” COVID-19 lock downs.  It is painfully clear that our County Council does not prioritize the success of our locals:  just look at UnQuarked, Family Strengths Network, and Pet Pangea.  I disagree with Morrie.  Our County Council is responsible and should be blamed for its actions that diminish our quality of life and increase the cost of living.

There is an appalling lack of oversight.  Our Councilors should question, not rubber stamp everything the County does.  If we really had transparency in our local government, there wouldn’t be so many IPRA requests.  People feel that our County is hiding things from the public. They are right.  We’ve also had several lawsuits filed by citizens. That doesn’t happen when government is accountable, well managed, and responsive to the public. Public distrust and dissatisfaction with our government are at an all time high. 

I had three votes for County Council, but I only voted for one:  David Reagor.  One vote for David Reagor is one vote for our small business community.  One vote for David Reagor is one vote for transparency and accountability.   Are you unhappy with our County government?   Now is your chance to vote for change.  

Donna MacDonald