Christine Chandler – A Rep For All Of Us

I’m sure you know her: Chris Chandler is our current State House Representative (District 43). I encourage you to get to know her if you don’t already, and I know you’ll want to support her in her upcoming re-election.

Let me count the ways she cares for Los Alamos:
Maybe you witnessed her filling trash bags in the latest trash clean up efforts—protecting our invaluable New Mexico environment is an issue she is willing to get her hands dirty for.

You’ve seen her at the pet store in town stocking up on kibbles for her dogs. She’s not surprisingly endorsed by the Animal Protection Voters and she co-sponsored the anti-trapping bill.

Probably you heard of Chris participating in County government issues that you care about, and you’ve seen her taking a stand in the Round House in Santa Fe for all of us, her constituents in Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Sandoval counties. She fought for the Small Business Recovery Loan Fund that will help the local businesses recover from the economic hit of COVID-19.

Led by core Democratic values:
I canvassed door-to-door with Chris before her last election (pre-COVID-19, obviously,) and I was always waiting for her to catch up. She was eagerly chatting with any and all people about issues important to them until all their questions had been answered.

She’s committed to hearing from you and addressing your concerns however she can in her position as your representative. I’ve been calling voters, phone banking for Chris for her re-election, and Chris has asked us volunteers to encourage folks to reach out to her directly. Do you know another politician who does that?

She truly cares about democratic values: liberty, equality, and working with others to reach consensus during these divisive times.

Chris is the clear choice to represent District 43 for another term. If you have any doubts, her contact information is at her website,